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Other languages than EN


does the Forem supports usage of characters from different languages than English? For an example č, ř etc… Czech or Hnugarian language ?

Thanks for your response.

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Daniel Uber • Edited

@mastermindlegion - in most cases yes, you should be able to edit and author content in unicode/utf-8, and any character set supported by that.

Forem and DEV did start from an "English-first" position, and are growing toward better handling other languages, but if you're trying to use Forem and it's not possible because your input (comments, posts, profile fields, tags) are mangled or rejected, please let us know. If it's not an obvious bug it's usually an easy adjustment to improve the situation for everyone.

Those are a different type of language support from other ongoing i18n improvements (for example, the "Create Post" button is only available in English and French, we don't have localizations for other languages). We've relaxed most of the identified instances where non-English language content, or non-Latin script, would cause the software to reject input, but we definitely could have missed something.

When making urls we will either remove accents/marks from characters (č -> c, í -> i), or replacing the character with a "close sounding" latin script equivalent (for Cyrillic, or Asian scripts like Japanese or Hindi, where something like ча would be written "cha" in the url string, but show as ча in the title or post body on the page). or for example are Czech posts, and should look appropriate. is an example of a site that's added its own localization (so the sign in and log in buttons for example are no longer in English), currently that requires some code modifications or additions.