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Seems like sign up confirmation emails aren't going out


Just a heads up, seems like when you sign up with email on Forems, the confirmation email isn't going out.

I have raised an issue

Confirm your email address during signup seems broken #16542

Describe the bug

When choosing to create an account using email, the 'confirm your address' doesn't go out stopped successful sign-up. Can't reproduce this on Dev as sign up with email isn't available

To Reproduce

Goto or and attempt to sign up with email.

Expected behavior

Email appears shortly after signup which can be used for confirmation.

Additional Context

I have managed to reproduce on all my forems across multiple devices and browsers.

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I have closed this issue now. I am now using sendgrid on my Forems which is working perfectly. Whilst setting this up, make sure you set the user name as 'apikey' and not the actually sendgrid apikey (could be me but I found that a bit confusing 😂)