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Reaction images


I was thinking about creating a PR to generalise the post reaction images.

The approach I was thinking of taking is as follows:

  • create and area in admin/config called ‘reactions’
  • provide the ability to submit 2 svg’s for each reaction to cover no reaction / reaction.

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Andrew Bone

This seems like a great idea, one area where this could get messy is having to remember the SVGs need to be single colour and coloured by fill not stroke (in order for the mouse over / active colours to be right)

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

I really dig this one. It would help other Forems personalize their brand big time. Thinking of a music community with headphones icons off to the side instead of unicorns... anyway, lots of possibilities here!

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Álvaro Hurtado Mochón

My two cents, and thinking about a similar feature. I would consider changing the SVGs of course but also the text to be displayed and the colour to be used.