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Profile Generalisation

Lee Wynne
Budding Forem entrepreneur @flowstate @thismmalife @theelasticguru
・1 min read

Hey there core Forem team!

I was just curious if profile generalisation is still an incoming feature (one that I find very exciting).

thanks πŸ™πŸ½

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Ben Halpern

Not forgotten, currently being worked on and aiming for the finish line. We recognize this as important the same way you do.

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Lee Wynne Author

this is gonna be so cool 😎

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Michael Kohl

Yes, it's a feature that went through a few iterations which is why it took quite a while. It was surprisingly hard to find the right balance between flexibility (for admins) and consistency (across Forems). Anyway, as Ben mentioned, we're trying to wrap this up right now.

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Lee Wynne Author