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Forem iOS Apps

Hi there!

I am so looking forward to the official Forem iOS/Android app going live along with the browser extension. I am using it daily to switch between all the Forem communities that I have joined. I love it!

In the meantime I have also used the Dev-iOS repo to deliver stand alone Forem apps into the AppStore for further discoverability as Forem are also doing some super interesting stuff around the integration of communities into mobile apps.

Feel free to send me a message if you want to know more about how to do this, the most complicated part is getting setup as an Apple Dev.

forem iOS apps

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Álvaro Hurtado Mochón

Hey Ben, I would totally be interested in reading about this.

I am also interested in how you managed to self-host Forem. I am planning to spend some time on that in the next few days. Can I ask how are you doing it? Did you go to Heroku? AWS? Anything else?

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I would love to check these out once they have been reviewed. Will be sending you a msg to discuss further. Thanks Lee!