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Forem + AWS LightSail Containers

AWS recently released containers on LightSail (if you haven’t seen lightsail before, it’s AWS compute but without all the complexity that comes with VPC config, regions, AZs etc). Easy peasy.

The container config is the closest I have seen to Heroku.

From what I can see, you point it to your container registry and away it goes.

Curious about how easy it would be to deploy Forem this way for self hosting.


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Joe Doss

Due to the amount of dependencies required to run Forem (Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL) it won't be super simple to get going on LightSail.

We are going to work on a FOSS installer for Forem starting in 2021 to make it easier to self host.

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I like the sound of that!

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Ben Halpern