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Feature request. Generate cover image & one-touch play from YouTube links.

lee profile image Lee ・1 min read

To help ignite community content for new and growing Forem's I thought it would be a good idea to explore the idea of having YouTube links auto-generate cover photos with one-touch play.

The way I see this working from a content creation perspective is like this:

  • Community member hits 'submit content' (or something like that.. a replacement for write post).

  • Member then gets an option to write a post or share a link.

  • 'Write a post' continues as normal, 'Share a link' caters for a youtube link and title/description, once inserted the cover image is replaced with the cover image of the youtube video. The video then plays inline or it can pop out.

I feel this would be a good initial step to replacing the current video upload feature and at the same time facilitate content creation with smaller communities.

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Andrew Bone

I guess you're thinking down the Reddit road?


Where you can have a post that is just an image, just an external link etc as well as a traditional post.

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Lee Author

Yeah although I am not sure the tab layout would work on a Forem, but the concept would be so cool. Especially when it comes to the ease of adding content for different types of communities, especially the ones that are more visual in content