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Forem Selfhost Website For Sale

Hello Everyone,

I would like to sell my website which uses forem selfhost software.

Here's what you need to know:

Snappy Name: With just 5 letters, is catchy, easy to remember, and has a business ring to it. Perfect for a business platform.

Ready Framework: Uses selfhost Forem.

Adsense Approved: Want to make some moolah from your platform? You're all set with Adsense. Show some ads, and let the pennies roll in!

Low Maintenance: I've set it all up for you. Now you just need to give it some love and time. Think of it like a pet robot 🤖.

Why am I selling?:

Life's gotten busy, and I'd hate to see such potential go to waste. I believe in passing on the torch to someone who has the passion and time.

💡 Why should YOU consider it?

Start Ahead: Instead of starting from zero, kick off with a domain that's already set.
Monetization: With Adsense in place, there's potential revenue waiting for you.
Be the Boss: Dreamt of managing a Business community? Here's your golden ticket.

Regarding Traffic:

Website currently does not have a significant number of visitors.

This is a golden opportunity for someone looking to dive into the Business community world. You get a catchy domain, a framework inspired by one of the best, and a chance to turn it into something BIG!

Got questions? Interested? Let's chat and Name your price! Shoot a message, and let's get you started on this exciting journey. 🚀

Contact me:

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vakkisan profile image

Hi Do you support already hosted websites? I Hosted my website in AWS but need postgresql connection from the sql client.