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Is this Forem still active?


I was an active member of this forem community, but due to my workload, I've been unable to participate for last one year.

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Yesterday, I installed Forem Selfhost for a client and noticed that the Community Content tab is missing from the admin panel. Many other features seem to have changed as well. The Community Content tab is crucial, but I couldn't find it.

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I couldn't able to upload .ico file for favicon.

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or is this any bug? This is my last commit ID 9eaff6731861f9125c38341c2e757cf799665698

I also observed that there haven't been any #changelog posts for the last year, and the #help section is flooded with spam. Moreover, seems outdated, looking the same as it did a year ago. The github issues has not been active for last one year. I'm wondering if this Forem community is still active.

Can I still recommend Forem Selfhost to my clients? Does this community continue to offer support?


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脕lvaro Hurtado Moch贸n

I have tried to contribute to Forem adding a translation to Spanish. I have to say I got no response either here or in Github.

However, in Github, there is daily activity. I am guessing it is still active.

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It's good to know there are still daily updates on GitHub, which suggests that the Forem Selfhost project is likely still active. However, since Forem Selfhost is open-source, it relies heavily on community contributions. Nowadays, we're not receiving much response, but the success of Forem Selfhost depends on these contributions. Contributors identify issues and bugs, and developers work to fix them. That's how this community grows.