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Jephthah Okpukoro
Jephthah Okpukoro

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Selfhost Backup/Restore Not Working

I made a backup of my forem's /opt/forem directory on Digital Ocean and downloaded it to my desktop sometime in February. Fast-forward to yesterday, I created a new forem instance on AWS and tried to restore the backup but it didn’t work.

Steps I Followed

  • I followed this tutorial when creating the backup and then download the tar.gz file from Digital Ocean to my computer using scp

  • I also used the same scp to upload the backup file to AWS.

  • After that, I override the /opt/forem folder with the backup files.

The /opt/forem folder now contains all the backup files but the changes didn’t reflect on the frontend.

Please is there anything I can do to restore my old site?

Note: The forem version on AWS is the same as Digital Ocean. I have not updated it to the latest Forem.

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Muhammed Cetin • Edited

Have you restarted your Forem containers after all the processes have been done? If you move all the files including the PostgreSQL data and envs, you need to restart your Forem to activate new .env files.

You can use this command to restart all stacks of Forem: sudo foremctl restart

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Jephthah Okpukoro

Alright, tnx alot.