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Where does Forem fall short in accessibility?

Forem is a tool "for empowering communities."

A tool for the purpose of empowerment should treat accessibility as a pillar; Failing to serve everyone equally would amount to contributing to an already existing inequality of access to tech that empowers folks on the web.

Accessibility should be a key focus for Forem at every stage of development.

We've been mindful of this to a degree, but I'm sure that we've missed at lot of opportunities at this stage of the product.

Some folks are currently working on auditing our platform internally, but I'd love to collect a list of issues and problematic spaces in the application in a thread.

If you've come across some particularly unfriendly places on the app, drop a comment here or consider opening an issue on GitHub.

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Jacob Herrington Author

Something I haven't investigated deeply, but hope to harp on regularly: Accessibility in our administration tooling. We don't want to make it difficult to run an instance - or difficult to hire people to work on an instance - because we didn't think intentionally enough about who might need to use our tooling.

Jen Looper has a great talk on this idea at SolidusConf 2019 in SLC.