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Will Forem be getting badges like Dev?

I love the badges that your profile can get on Dev. I currently have one (from attending Codeland), but am currently focusing on writing more posts so that I can get the streak badges. I also saw another user's Hacktoberfest badge, which got me to find out what Hacktoberfest is, and now I can't wait to take part this year! I think it would nice if Forem also had a badge scheme πŸ˜„

What badges do you Forem should have?

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Ben Halpern

Yup! Every forem can reward their own badges. adopts the logic for rewarding automatic badges (though we don't have that set up right now).

All forems can have their own fun badges and take their own approaches πŸ˜„

Each community will have its own badges. You want a cooking community? Reward special cooking badges!

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Can you provide more info on the automated element of this? I have done our first badge for first 100 members :)