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Expert Approach to Convert IMAP OST File to Outlook PST Format

An OST file refers to an offline folder in Microsoft Outlook. This can be used offline and will connect to the internet automatically, whereas PST files are used to save data on the server (except for Exchange servers) or on the user's hard drive. This article will discuss the best technique to convert an OST file to PST format. It will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each of these OST to PST manual methods and propose utilizing Definite Software to convert OST to PST.

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Reasons to Convert IMAP OST File to Outlook PST Format

  • Upon the server's removal of mailboxes.
  • An Exchange software that lets users recreate the OST folder. However, the OST file has certain things that haven't been preserved.
  • Outlook 2016 is required to read an OST file saved in Outlook 2013 on a different device.
  • There is a server problem that prevents access to the OST files.

Method 1- Manual Method to Convert IMAP OST File to Outlook PST Format

When Outlook emails from an OST file are archived, they are stored as new PST files. It also helps to keep your mailbox at the proper size.

  • Click File in the Outlook tool on your PC.
  • Select File, and then select Options.
  • Select Auto-Archive options from the drop-down menu now.
  • Select the days that you would like auto-archiving to occur.
  • Next, select the folder for saving, followed by the Archiving option, and lastly, click the OK button.
  • The contents of your OST file will be stored in your PST file once you've finished these procedures. Your transferred OST is visible in the PST file.

Method 2- Technical Method Convert IMAP OST File to Outlook PST Format

Use beneficial or reliable software to transform your formats. I endorse you to use the TrustVare OST to PST Converter software. With the help of this tool, you can convert quickly and effortlessly. There are many state-of-the-art capabilities in this software. Let's investigate more carefully.

The steps are given below.

  • After successfully starting the software, use the Browse option to add an OST file.

Image description

  • Review the data in your OST mailbox and select folders or items to convert.

Image description

  • To see the generated PST file, choose a preferred route.
  • Click the "Convert" button with the mouse to start transferring data into a PST file.


All the crucial information on the Exchange Server is contained in OST files, as is common knowledge. Importing is a challenging procedure. The user will thus have to cope with a multitude of problems. To better comprehend the situation, we spoke about the facts, the manual solution, and its limits. While the manual process has certain advantages, it also has certain disadvantages. Therefore, using a professional solution to convert OST to PST files is advised.

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