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Gracie Gregory (She/Her/Hers)
Gracie Gregory (She/Her/Hers)

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Ideas for supporting podcasts on Forem?

As a content manager at Forem, one of the many cool things I get to work on is helping to promote DEV original podcasts on a weekly basis. For me, this is a fun combination of social media strategy, community engagement, and writing/research.

Supporting Podcasts on Forem β€” What Are Your Thoughts?

I'd love to hear your ideas about how we should be supporting podcasts and podcast creators here on Forem:

What would you like to see? What features would make your distribution AND/OR listening experience better here?

A Forem Series On Podcasting?

On a related note, the other day, I noticed a comment on our DevNews announcement post asking for more insight on producing/distributing our podcasts:

Podcast Comment

I'm currently chatting with a few of my teammates at Forem about this possible series which would likely involve interviewing our awesome producer, @levisharpe , for a multi-part series on creating a podcast from beginning to end including ideating and distributing.

I'd like to ensure that this series embodies the values of Forem: sharing knowledge with the community in a way that makes our efforts and initiatives repeatable for everyone β€” but I need your help:

Let me know if you have thoughts on how to make a series of articles on podcast-creation as helpful as possible. What burning questions do you have about producing and promoting podcasts? I'd love to hear from you whether you're a seasoned expert or a podcasting novice!

Finally, if you want to hear what the creators/contributors of our podcasts have been able to create, please check the brand new DevNews podcast (shoutout to the hosts Saron Yitbarek, @vaidehijoshi , and @joshpuetz ) and our first original podcast, DevDiscuss, today!

P.S. Season two of DevDiscuss starts this upcoming week!!

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Hi Gracie > "What features would make your distribution AND/OR listening experience better here?" I have a couple of Forem feature requests logged for Podcasts that I would love to see implemented:

Podcast listening progress tracking

Enhanced saving of Podcast episodes.

Add a podcast switcher to mobile podcast index view.

Add 'See all podcasts' link to Today's podcast element.

Putting a podcast together for thisMMAlife is definately on my phase 2 list, so having any resources that help me through that process would be fab IMO.

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Gracie Gregory (She/Her/Hers)

Thank you so much!

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Justin Jackson

I’d love to see support for this kind of embedding and sharing in forum posts / comments:

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Ben Halpern

We have something pretty similar with liquid tags, e.g.

{% youtube _lEnmAz7fwc %}

Is this satisfactory or do you think we should go further with the simplicity here?

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Justin Jackson

It’s nice, from a user’s perspective but also a vendor’s perspective, to be able to paste in a link and see a full embed. Feels magical.