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Ideas for supporting podcasts on Forem?

graciegregory profile image Gracie Gregory (She/Her/Hers) ・2 min read

As a content manager at Forem, one of the many cool things I get to work on is helping to promote DEV original podcasts on a weekly basis. For me, this is a fun combination of social media strategy, community engagement, and writing/research.

Supporting Podcasts on Forem — What Are Your Thoughts?

I'd love to hear your ideas about how we should be supporting podcasts and podcast creators here on Forem:

What would you like to see? What features would make your distribution AND/OR listening experience better here?

A Forem Series On Podcasting?

On a related note, the other day, I noticed a comment on our DevNews announcement post asking for more insight on producing/distributing our podcasts:

Podcast Comment

I'm currently chatting with a few of my teammates at Forem about this possible series which would likely involve interviewing our awesome producer, @levisharpe , for a multi-part series on creating a podcast from beginning to end including ideating and distributing.

I'd like to ensure that this series embodies the values of Forem: sharing knowledge with the community in a way that makes our efforts and initiatives repeatable for everyone — but I need your help:

Let me know if you have thoughts on how to make a series of articles on podcast-creation as helpful as possible. What burning questions do you have about producing and promoting podcasts? I'd love to hear from you whether you're a seasoned expert or a podcasting novice!

Finally, if you want to hear what the creators/contributors of our podcasts have been able to create, please check the brand new DevNews podcast (shoutout to the hosts Saron Yitbarek, @vaidehijoshi , and @joshpuetz ) and our first original podcast, DevDiscuss, today!

P.S. Season two of DevDiscuss starts this upcoming week!!

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Hi Gracie > "What features would make your distribution AND/OR listening experience better here?" I have a couple of Forem feature requests logged for Podcasts that I would love to see implemented:

Podcast listening progress tracking

Enhanced saving of Podcast episodes.

Add a podcast switcher to mobile podcast index view.

Add 'See all podcasts' link to Today's podcast element.

Putting a podcast together for thisMMAlife is definately on my phase 2 list, so having any resources that help me through that process would be fab IMO.

graciegregory profile image
mijustin profile image
Justin Jackson

I’d love to see support for this kind of embedding and sharing in forum posts / comments:

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

We have something pretty similar with liquid tags, e.g.

{% youtube _lEnmAz7fwc %}

Is this satisfactory or do you think we should go further with the simplicity here?

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Justin Jackson

It’s nice, from a user’s perspective but also a vendor’s perspective, to be able to paste in a link and see a full embed. Feels magical.

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