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It's Community Manager Appreciation Day!

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This goes out to you 🙌

To all the Admins and Community Managers of Forems, whether SaaS or self-hosted, we want to take this occasion to express our gratitude.

🤝 Thank you for believing in the power of community, and in the prospect of Forem as a place for your community; for believing that communities can and should exist in spaces that are independent, open, and respect data privacy.

🧭 Thank you for coming forward as leaders and representatives for your passions, curiosities, and vocations; for recognizing that if not now, then when, and if not you, then who?

🛠 Thank you for stepping out with us in faith, by being early adopters and helping us break and fix stuff; for pushing through the obstacles of our early self-host offering, and for being patient with us whilst we identify areas for growth and improvement.

💗 Thank you for your honesty and generosity in sharing feedback and suggestions with us and the rest of the Forem Creator community; for letting us into your frustrations, setbacks, and triumphs, and for opening up keyholes to your dreams in the form of your feature requests.

🌱 Thank you for embarking on this journey with us, not knowing where it will lead, but staying true to the words

✨We rise by lifting others✨

From all of us on the Forem Team, thank you 🙏

PS: Thank you to the other members of Forem's Community Success team for providing guidance to our growing community, enforcing our code of conduct thoughtfully, and keeping this space helpful and safe. Y'all make the rest of these things possible ☝️

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Gracie Gregory

Totally humbled by all the community managers I have the pleasure of interacting with — both on the Forem team and in the wider Forem ecosystem.

The work of a community manager is incredibly difficult, nuanced, and ceaseless — plus it's often under-appreciated. It's a science and an art. Thank you for showing us the way!

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Ildi • Edited

Thank you to the Forem team and all of the awesome community managers that I've had the pleasure of interacting with. It's been a fun journey so far and im very excited to continue to learn and build together.

Community > Everything 🌱💚

lee profile image

What a lovely post!

Ref TMMAL, I couldn’t find an online MMA community that I felt i’d like to be a part of so thank you to Forem and everyone there for empowering me with a platform to build my own and to invite other like mind people along 😎