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How to make privacy policy publicly-accessible for private Forem?

Is it possible to make the privacy policy page (or any other specific page) public in a private Forem?

I'm using the Facebook auth and recently received an email stating:

In working to create a great Platform experience for everyone, we ask developers to ensure the apps they build comply with our Platform Terms and Developer Policies. Your app {my-forem-details} doesn't comply with the following:

Platform Terms 4.f: You will maintain publicly available links to your privacy policies in the privacy policy field in the settings of your App Dashboard, as well as in any App Store that allows you to do so, if applicable, and ensure the links remain current and up to date.

Platform Terms 4.a: If you use Platform to process Platform Data, you will provide and comply with a publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy.

During testing, we were unable to find a privacy policy on your website. Make sure that users are able to find and view your privacy policy, and that your privacy policy is accessible from any country so that we can access it for testing.

Sure enough, the /privacy route on my private Forem prompts for a login.

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I resolved this by copy/pasting the privacy policy to a public URL and updated the Facebook app settings to reflect the new location. FB apparently doesn't care if the privacy policy is hosted at a different (sub) domain.