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Why did you decide to launch your community?

By now y'all know that we **love **to hear from you (and if you didn't, now you do)!

Inspired by this conversation with @lee in this months' Forem Builder AMA, today's question is:

What was your motivation for launching your community?

Maybe you spotted a gap in what was already out there, wanted to do something differently, or simply decided it was time to start gathering your people - we are curious to hear your stories!

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I think seeing the community Dev had managed to develop inspired me, then when it went open source... I was all in (what a gesture that was) plus I couldn't find a community around martial arts that I felt comfortable in. If I hadn't come across Forem, I am not sure I would've started with anything else.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Wow, Lee! That's a glowing review for DEV - and I know that @ben and @michaeltharrington have had these conversations with you in the past, but I want to tag them in here (so they won't miss yet another demonstration of the value of the community they've been building over on DEV)