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Michael Kohl
Michael Kohl

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Configurable digest

To make Forem more useful for team collaboration, it would be great if we could set up a configurable daily digest to make it easier to catch up.

Mandatory (IMHO) configuration options:

  1. The time it gets sent. For example, I'd like to receive the email at 8 AM Monday to Friday to catch up with what I missed before starting to code.
  2. What gets sent. All new posts, only new posts by users I follow, comments on my posts, etc.

Stretch goals:

  1. A way to pause these emails for a certain amount of days (e.g. during holidays) without losing any settings.
  2. Having this also available as a page on the site, to keep it out of email. E.g. would always show the same content as the last sent email would.

What do you think?

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Preet Singh #5to9Conf

Love the idea! Some more ideas:

  1. Welcoming/announcing new members in the same would be amazing.
  2. Ability to edit and include some special callouts: be it an upcoming event or sponsor message
  3. Ability to export as html that can then be fed into an already setup email service provider (e.g. mailerlite etc)

Love the idea of having them on the website too!

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Michael Kohl

Thanks for the feedback!

Some of the things you mentioned seem like better use cases for improving our existing newsletters, my proposal was more concerned with specific smaller Forems that are used for collaboration. But one does certainly not exclude the other πŸ˜€

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Preet Singh #5to9Conf

Absolutely Michael! My community builder brain is definitely biased πŸ˜…

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Love the idea of the browsable Forem digest like newsletter archives. With Federated identities it could also be a summary of multiple forems πŸ€”

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Ben Halpern

Love this idea

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I would really love this. I like to get all my social media notifications during particular time of the day rather than through the day.