Sidekiq Memory Issues?

bighitbiker3 profile image Elliott McNary ・1 min read

Has anyone else noticed Sidekiq take a lot of memory? It seems no matter how many Heroku Dynos I throw at it it's hitting 125% RAM usage.

I'm not very familiar with Sidekiq and have been trying numerous things found online to no avail, but does anyone have any ideas?

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Josh Puetz

Hi Elliott!

We definitely see high memory usage with Sidekiq on production Forems. One thing to consider is what KIND of Heroku dyno's you're throwing at it: different dynos have different memory amounts.

One other thing to look at is how much swap your dyno's are using: having a high level of swap over time means you're definitely maxing our your memory usage and should add more capacity in terms of more dynos or high capacity dynos.

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Elliott McNary Author • Edited

Interesting I'll look more in to the memory swapping and see!

I was just throwing standard dynos at it and got it up to 2GBs ram and then we'd blown past my monthly budget for this little experiment so I started looking into other solutions.

While I'm sure the performance line of dynos would have been plenty they are just out of the budget for right now

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Josh Puetz • Edited

You bring up a good point: we don't really have any published minimum and recommended server specs for running a forem instance. I've added an issue to add such documentation here:

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Elliott McNary Author

Awesome thank you! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help

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Christina Gorton • Edited

I don't have any experience with Sidekiq so hopefully someone else on the team will chime in but from a quick search it seems like this is a known issue. You mentioned you have tried numerous things you have seen online so if you have seen these already feel free to ignore:

Reducing Sidekiq memory useage with jamalloc

And the issue where they found that 👆 info

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Elliott McNary Author • Edited

Thanks Christina! I'd actually found that and forgot to mention I implemented it.

After a bit more research I found it interesting how Sidekiq/Ruby handles memory (I'm a RoR newb). I noticed when Sidekiq finished a job that the memory did not get released back to the OS. And I subsequently learned that it just releases it back to Ruby. The process then just slowly increments its memory over time and blows the gasket on my dynos unless I kill them.

I've ended up implementing and it's working great! I haven't noticed any side effects, but my community is in its infant stages right now so I'm keeping a close eye on it.

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Ben Halpern

@rhymes want to weigh in here on the state of this?