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Benjamin Bilgehan
Benjamin Bilgehan

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how do we earn credits as a user on this forem? So i can get badges

I was curious about how we earn credits and the available badges on this forem platform.

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Michael Tharrington

Great questions!

1) How do you earn credits?

The only way to currently earn any credits on is to get the Forem seedling badge. Admin are able to set how many credits folks receive whenever obtaining a badge and the Forem seedling badge is currently set to give out 20 credits.

However, credits can only be used to purchase listings, and while there is a listings section on here, this isn't something we're focusing on for this community. The page is still there, can be accessed, and credits can technically be used to post there, but we're keeping quiet about this section of the site because it's not in use.

In the near future, I think we'll likely give Creators the opportunity to turn off listings and credits.

2) What badges are available specifically for this Forem?

There are only 2 badges available for this Forem:

  1. Forem Seedling badge
  2. Beloved Comment badge

You can see all badges here.

I think "Beloved Comment" is awarded to anyone who receives 25+ hearts on a comment.

I honestly don't know how "Forem Seedling" is awarded and think we may have created this badge prior to setting up a plan to award it. My thought is that it's likely meant to be manually awarded to anyone who has officially launched a Forem.