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Ben Halpern

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We can run Forem without the Lambda dependency

Create option for calculating score without external black box #9735

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We presently use a "private/external endpoint" for calculating score, using AWS Lambda. As we get up and running, this is not entirely necessary. I think inserting a basic "is this post good?" calc if the SDK keys are not present should be fine and we can revisit the functionality down the road.

We currently call out to an external dependency to make some calculations and do some anti-spam checking. We shouldn't pluck this away, but I think it can be optional because we also have plenty mods can do and some communities don't need this weight. At the very least we need to fix this for stuff currently running on Forem Cloud which doesn't have this dependency.

So this PR offers a solution to make this optional. We can reevaluate how we think about this situation in the future.

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Chris Pluta

This is something we have been working around on letsbuild. It probably wasn't the best thing, but we haven't quite figured out what these calculations needed to be quite yet.

Every merge we bring in the more excited we get at seeing what new functionality becomes optional. ๐Ÿ˜„

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Ben Halpern Author

This PR is merged. Not 100% sure it's the full solution yet though. Haven't seen this in prod yetโ€” but yeah, marching towards simplifying things and making everything more viable on non-forked apps.

Great stuff with letsbuild in general btw, we'd love to more proactively promote it now that we're further along in Forem progress.

As long as you stay up-to-date and compatible, we're all in on helping it grow ๐ŸŽ‰

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Hey Ben, reading the commit, I am okay to leave Lambda in place right? Also - is the same happening with the Google toxicity API score?