New "starter state" coming soon

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

We had not yet shipped the functionality for the "initial state" of a new forem...

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The functionality required to make a forem customized does not need to fall on systems, and should not. Systems just needs to care that the right database is connected etc. As much as we can put in the admin's hands from there the better.

This is just a temporary starter page, but the initial onboarding flow will get more sophisticated over time.


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So, this signup page will allow us to create a super_admin and single_resource_admin without using rails console commands.

Are there any other features other than this?
Also, if possible, update us here if this is in live.


Yeah exactly. Ideally we don't want to be going into console for anything....

This should go live today.

We also now have a way to add other permissions straight through admin instead of console if you are a super admin.


Nice, this is really a great feature! Once after a successful installation, there is no need for the developers to reconnect into their VPS.

I guess this is one of those few changes that convince me that ready to dev is coming soon.


Will this replace the default first page when you load a newly setup forem instance @ localhost:3000 or will this exist as a separate page which appears when you try to sign-in for the first time or another specific action?


This is great! An important build block to the improvements we will be making with admin onboarding :)


This is live now for new forems.... Not yet the end state, but it's a friendly way to get started without our intervention.