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re: But I think we may want to consider shipping this feature regardless of where we are with the fundamentals of the comment box. Rather than waiting ...

I 1000% agree.... My thoughts here are mostly that we've discussed this rework a lot and I feel like we've usually been on the same page that having it in place would be the stepping stone for a lot of other good stuff like mentions... But since it's been hard to prioritize this, I think getting the mentions in first and then including that in a future refactor may yield better results.

Similar to the redesign of the comment box, it's great that we got to this without the coding updates being a blocker. We're better for having shipped a new design even if the code is still pretty wonky.


Ok, thanks for providing more context!

But since it's been hard to prioritize this

I think it's up to us to prioritize this now. It's an integral part of any community, so definitely would help with getting traction for Forem.

I agree that we don't need to do it before mentions, but that we should pitch and shape it for the next cycle. Why don't we start by you walking me through some of the known issues of the current implementation?

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