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Deny Putra
Deny Putra

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Install forem elfhost setup on windows / wsl

Hi everyone I respect and admire, I want to ask all of you. Can anyone help me to install forem self-host setup on windows/wsl?

If anyone has done it and it worked, please share the tutorial with me and all. Sometimes not everyone has macOS.

I hope to hear good news from you.
Best regards from me.

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Muhammed Cetin

I have installed Forem self-host a lot of times on Windows 11 with WSL2 and Ubuntu 20.04.

I am going to create a guide on how to install Forem self-host on Windows with WSL soon. If you have enough time to wait, it can help you.

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Deny Putra

sounds really good. I have enough time for that. I'll be waiting with pleasure. 😊

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Michael Kohl

Forem team member here who also used WSL2 for setting up a self-host Forem. By and large there's not much difference to the normal Linux instructions. The one thing to consider is that there are no Butane packages for Ubuntu (if that's the distro you're using), so you have to download one of the pre-compiled binaries from the release page, put it somewhere in your path and make it executable.

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I started by installing the original Windows 11 license. This system is really good. In this store the price for this system is great: