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Hi Forem,

I would like to share with you an idea that I think new and could help organize users activity on your site; It helps a particular kind of posts: tutorials. It will also help learners seek information quickly.

Particularly in, I am seeing so much people taking the initiative to post tutorials, This is really great, even if some tutorials are for absolute beginners and in any topic.
I see a lot of tutorial posts with content and links to earlier posts in the series (I don't know how you call this feature here).
Unfortunately -I think- some pass completely unseen even with great content. Imagine one with a strong academic background, and lot of earlier work with clients in his/her small city. he/she is not necessarily following the trends in JavaScript frameworks this summer.

A potential contributor should have the possibility to feel the need for few particularities in his/her domain of interest. He/she then suggests an initial post asking for feedback of interests.
I think now you see how it goes... :) Other people subscribe to the topic/serie and can respond freely in comment section and explain what/how/why they are interested in.
The proposer then see if the community of designers likes (by votes) each proposition and can pick freely which sub-topic he/she can address, he/she then can take the responsibility of making a new "sub-topic" attached to the initial topic.
The community also can help the contributor, people who feel they master one sub-topic, if the proposer wants to, he can assign one sub-topic to another contributor.

I don't know how this is feasible technically in forem. But I believe it is easy to implement as a data model.

This is just an idea, sometimes we feel something is shiny and the next morning we find it is either dumb or unfeasible, So, I am just sharing it with you guys, you can roast it freely x)

Thanks !

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Hey @bacloud14 , thanks for taking the time to write up this suggestion. I share your concerns that sometimes really valuable information might not be seen by the people who need it the most.

If I've understood you correctly, what you're describing seems to me to be something pretty close to the tags system (see this example from for what I mean). I'm curious to know how close the tags are to what you've got in mind. Maybe you can check it out and let me know?

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ba Author

Hey @ellactivity!

Indeed it's close, however there is no engagement and if the topic is more narrow, you cannot really feel the interest in a subject. Also there is no time component.

Just a simple example to think of,
Let's say I m good in JavaScript compatibility in browsers. I have been following the subject long time ago, and I'm willing to start a series about that, since I'm not sure what exactly will interest people, I will lunch an initial post asking for feedback, three people showed interest in "accessibility Api" and other four people in "ES6 support". I feel like mastering both, I decide to pick one myself, and even probably another developer asked for the second sub-topic to be assigned for him.
Probably there is so much engagement for a discussion forum. I am still not sure!

Actually I got the idea when someone last week asked : "whoever is interested in a code review, tell in comment section"
I then thought, where the guy will be doing the review? GitHub or here?, If here, will he use comment section or open for each one a new post. See this is also a good example of engagement leading to future topics under one initial topic.

I really think a lot and sometimes throw ideas anyhow. So it's just an idea, feel free to roast it! Or if it's in-feasible or hard to achieve.


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Álvaro Hurtado Mochón

I guess that'd be the equivalent of a Twitter Thread? In Medium they had 'Series' at some point too. Simply a collection of posts, which made a bigger story, where it will contain different episodes.

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ba Author

I don't use Twitter really so I don't know about it.

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Álvaro Hurtado Mochón

A couple of years back, they starting allowing chains of tweets. That's something people did artificially before by adding numbers to their tweets (e.g. 1/3, 2/3...). Now they are actually chained, some tools allow to read them as if they were one long post.

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Álvaro Hurtado Mochón • Edited

Wouldn't this be closer to 'Threads' in Twitter? Or the collections in Medium? E.g. This one