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Asia Corbett
Asia Corbett

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Organizations vs Tags

Anyone have documentation around organizations vs tags and best practices and use cases? I have some ideas and need to communicate them in a way that is easily understandable to my team - I'm having challenges doing this at the moment.

I'm looking for specifically doc/best practices/use cases around using organizations outside of Company (e.g. Twitter)
For an interest group (e.g. Salesforce Superstars) or a Geographical Area (RG Atlanta)

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Ben Halpern

@ellativity @michaeltharrington @ioscasey

This definitely seems like something we could write about.

The biggest difference is dedicated permission.

The #react tag is open for anyone to talk about React, but the React core team might want an organization account and it's implied that if it is the core team everyone is speaking on behalf of that group. This can be extended to any form of membership organization. It's segmented on who is allowed to publish under it.

AWS heroes is associated with AWS but not a company account per say. Definitely a little closer to your Salesforce Superstars use case.

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Michael Tharrington

We can totally look to create a resource around this!