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Anish De
Anish De

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Option to share on profile page

Feature request

A share button on an user's profile 0age

Please describe your feature request

A share button on an user's profile page will aid in easy sharing of profiles, specially on the mobile app


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Easy sharing of profile page

Why is it needed?

I was about to share my profile page from the android app and I realised that there wasn't any share button which I can click and get a link to the profile page.
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Suggested solution(s)

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Adding of a share button on the profile page to share the profile

Related issue(s)/PR(s)

None as of now
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Michael Tharrington

This really does sound cool!

Just curious, what's the context of the sharing? Are you looking to post it on social media or just to copy a link and share via email?

I'm imagining you could share your profile and it would get a little social card designed like what appears on Twitter when you post an article. For instance, run an article through Twitter's card validator and you'll see what I mean.

Maybe it would look a bit like using the liquid tag for a profile:

michaeltharrington image

Code for this is {% user michaeltharrington %} by the way.

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Casey 💎

Hey Anish! Great suggestion - I think you're totally right :)

specially on the mobile app