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Can't get out of Notifications view on Mobile Web

On mobile web, when I tap the notifications bell icon to view my notifications, I then can't get out of that page.

Tapping again on the notifications bell doesn't close the notifications screen.

Also, clicking on the back button doesn't always work. It's been hit or miss for me.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @andyw , thanks for sharing this issue.

Did @link2twenty 's guidance solve it for you? As Andrew says, Notifications is a page rather than a modal, so tapping on the bell icon again won't navigate away from it.

I tried replicating the back button glitch but wasn't able to using Chrome on Android. What browser are you using?

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Andrew Bone

Notifications is a new page. You have to navigate to another page to leave it, so by pressing home or something.