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What sort of "Easter eggs" would you like to see in Forem?

Alex Smith
A borderline cold brew coffee addict and a Florida native - my name is Alex. Oh yeah, I'm also a Software Engineer at Forem👨🏽‍💻
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"Easter eggs", in terms of software, are little jokes, messages, functionality, hidden features, etc. scattered throughout the app. On DEV there's an Easter egg hiding in the footer 😉. What sort of Easter eggs would you find entertaining in Forem? Are there types of Easter eggs that we can make easily configurable to help make them fit for any community?

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Julianna Tetreault

On Forem specifically, I think it might be fun to, on click, have something "grow" out of the seedling in the footer or on hover, have the seedling turn green. 🌱

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Paweł Ludwiczak

Some random ideas..s

  1. Something something konami code something.
  2. Some sort of search query easter egg: for example when you hit "sloan" we will show you some video with sloan, i don't know... that's stupid.. but you get the idea :)
  3. In the /settings/profile, when you choose two brand colors that have poor contrast, we could show some funny gif
  4. Another GIF if you try to set your font to be Comic Sans MS
  5. I'm sure you know the Dinosaur game in Chrome when you're offline.. Maybe something similar? Although we do have a drawing board already...
  6. Choosing 10x hacker theme would activate matrix code in the background (only once :P)
  7. Some funny HTML comment hidden in the source code?
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Ben Halpern

I think clicking the footer mascot should do something— possibly something configurable by forem creators

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Paweł Ludwiczak

I loved what Kickstarter had while ago for footer:

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Paweł Ludwiczak • Edited

Maybe some secret commands in connect?

  • /disco could start playing disco music and we could bring disco ball from header..?
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Shiraaz Moollatjie

Clicking on the unicorn should sometimes make ben's face popup from time to time.

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Rafi's daily challenge could be displayed in the console (probably this could be configurable in the admin panel)

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I always wanted to enter in the konami code on a website and have it do something fun.

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For me, Sloan is squished in the footer 😢