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Aleksei Berezkin
Aleksei Berezkin

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Feature request: Configurable height of Code Pen and JS Fiddle embeds

Hi! It would be nice to have a customizalbe height of CodePen and JS Fiddle embeds. Right now it's hardcoded somewhere and cannot be changed which is a little bit frustrating, especially on mobile devices β€” an embed occupies the whole screen πŸ˜₯ It would be nice also having separate options for web and mobiles, or to support different values depending on screen size. Thanks!

UPD found an issue filed on GitHub:

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Ben Halpern

Hmmmm seems like aspect ratio could be an advanced option. I'd say our hesitancy would be to overcomplicate things if it's only, as you put it, a little bit frustrating.

We haven't been actively doing a lot of liquid tag work, but I'd say this discussion could lead to some chat when we do revisit this.