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FOREM dev wanted for features


This post outlines the specification for development work required to the aecHive community platform hosted on Forem.

The following 3 functional pages are required:

  1. Video Channel Aggregation (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
  2. Blog Channel Aggregation
  3. Technology Directory Aggregation

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These will follow a similar format to the current “Podcast” page functionality, which includes:
Left-hand side Channels Listing
“Suggest a Channel” function, for community to add further channels
RSS feed of latest postings from listed channels
Indexing of authors & topics to support the “search” function

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Once a user click on a channels listing in the left-hand side navigation, the page will go to the listing of that channels only (ie similar to the podcast functionality)

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Each Page will have a “Suggest a Channel” function, similar to the podcast page, which will allow the community to add to the listing. It will launch a form to capture relevant information, including the RSS feed URL to add a listing.

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Example Listings: (to be added as part of the development, to test functionality)

The B1M

Technology Directories:
Aectech plus
Aec works

AEC Business
Hugh Seaton

If you think you can help, please comment below or email to discuss this further.

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