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A List With Great Web Development Tools

Hi Community


I thought it would be useful for some people to share a list of website links to interesting, mostly free and very helpful tools and scripts for web design and web development.

And now have fun with it:

  • Sublime Text is going to be at the top of any list of the best text editors.
  • Notepad++ is for those of you who don’t care about themes and minimalist design and all that fancy stuff.
  • Visual Studio Code (or VS Code) is an open-source code editing program built by Microsoft.
  • Semantic UI is a component framework for theming websites using what they call “human-friendly HTML” (sorry dogs).
  • Chrome DevTools is the name for the web development tools built into the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Yarn is a relatively new package manager built by Meta.
  • Node Package Manager is a package manager for NodeJS, created in 2009 as an open-source project to give JavaScript devs an easy way to share code modules.
  • Dpkg is a tool built specifically to manage Debian packages.
  • Github Desktop is a tool that allows you to interact with GitHub from your desktop.
  • GitKraken bills itself as the “easiest, safest and most powerful” way to use Git.
  • Sourcetree is a Graphical User Interface (GUI for the cool kids) used to manage Git repository hosts.
  • HoppScotch is a lightweight open source API development tool that runs smoothly and looks beautiful.
  • With Figma, you get everything you need to design for the web, completely free and accessible from any browser.
  • ProtoPie bill themselves as the "easiest way to turn your interaction design ideas into realistic prototypes".
  • Toolset is a WordPress page builder which lets you build custom sites without any code.
  • Affinity Designer, is certainly giving Adobe a run for its money.
  • ClickUp lets you map out tasks, better plan your work and see your overall product vision.
  • JIRA is the go-to project management platform for software teams to plan, track and release their products.

You are very welcome to extend my list with your own links and resources. Use the comments section for it - thx.

Ok mates thats it :)
I wish You a nice day.

Kind regards, Andy ;)

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