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Adding Elm to the stack

Let's have some fun!

What lead me to elm

Somehow I have almost always managed to steer clear of the frontend. But in recent years, my interest in the frontend has gradually risen. Now to the point where I can no longer postpone the inevitable – building an actual frontend!!!

I'm currently between jobs, so I really wanted a fun project to throw myself at to get the day started.

And that's when Elm comes into the picture.

But let's start from the beginning. I'm actually a die-hard .NET developer, so writing a frontend in Blazor, WPF, or even Windows forms is actually quite straightforward. BUT since falling in love with functional programming, I found out that you can actually write frontend code using F#. In order to achieve that, the 'bolero' project has been born. So I started learning about this project. This is where I first heard about 'Elm'.


On the 'getting started' page in the first bulletin 'Elmis' is mentioned.

Elmish Model-View-Update architecture...

Following the link to learn more about this (to me) unknown patters leads to this statement on the page:

Note: this page documents how to integrate Elmish in a Bolero application. It does not aim at explaining the Elmish architecture; you can learn about it on Elmish's website.

So I was like... What is this stuff? But since having decided to try functional programming for my frontend I decided to dive deeper into the rabbit hole.

Long story short

Elm is functional and super fun. I'm in the early learning stage and you can follow my progress here:

As of right now - not having written too much web frontend in my life - I'm enjoying the trip :)

You are welcome to share your thoughts withs this (not so young) frontend rookie

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