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5 Unique Reasons to Start a Crypto Exchange Like LocalBitcoins

After April 2022 the price of Bitcoin started to fall and it made a huge negative impact on around 90% of crypto-related businesses. Only a few crypto-related businesses are not affected in this scenario. Even though the Bitcoin price is facing a drastic downfall in its history, businesses-like crypto exchanges are skyrocketing instead of falling. Many entrepreneurs have already started crypto exchange businesses and started to earn billions of dollars in a short period.

If you are an entrepreneur planning to start a crypto business after knowing this truth like few other knowledgeable entrepreneurs. Then you need to choose a perfect crypto exchange business module. To make your work easy I made some in-depth research about the crypto exchange platform and discussed many things with the crypto exchange business owner and came up with a conclusion. According to the research, starting a crypto exchange business like LocalBitcoins will be a perfect decision to take in this Bitcoin dip. Wondering how? Well, here I will list the top 5 reasons to start a crypto exchange business like LocalBitcoins.

Top 5 reasons to start a crypto exchange business like LocalBitcoins

A Unique Business Module
The first reason is that LocalBitcoins is a unique business module, which works on p2p or ads-based modules. The user can place ads on this platform, by which the counterparty can easily get in contact with them, and the trade can be initiated seamlessly. Though there are many P2P-Ads-based crypto platforms in the market, LocalBitcoins has user-friendly UI/Ux, high security, and functionality making it a unique business module.

Popular Among Crypto Traders
When it comes to the popularity following Binance, LocalBitcoins also has more popularity with a large user base. In the P2P crypto exchanges, 90% of the market is occupied by LocalBitcoins and the remaining 10% of the market is shared by other P2P crypto exchange platforms. Many people will not believe this one. But they believe it once they come to know about the LocalBitcoins user count and market cap. The total number of users in the LocalBitcoins platform is 10+ million and has around 15+ billion market cap.

Revenue Factors
Unlike many other crypto exchange platforms, the LocalBitcoins platform has many revenue-generating factors. If we list those factors it will not end soon but I will list the most important revenue factors. They are

  • Deposit Fee
  • Transaction Fee
  • Withdraw Fee
  • Staking
  • Listing Fee

Apart from these, there are many revenue factors. So you do not need to worry about the profit. Because even in the worst scenario, you can make some millions as a profit for a month.

Easy to Start
To start a crypto exchange business like LocalBitcoins you need a website. If you choose to build your platform using a crypto exchange script like the LocalBitcoins clone script over building from scratch, then you can launch your crypto exchange platform within a few days with all the features that are available in the original LocalBitcoins platform. If you are eager to know more about the LocalBitcoins clone script then, here is a blog written by one of the blockchain experts on the topic of “LocalBitcoins Clone Script-To launch Your P2P Crypto Exchange like LocalBitcoins” So, refer to this blog for better understanding.

Low Initial Investment
When you start a crypto exchange platform like LocalBitcoins using the LocalBitcoins clone script. Then it will cost only 10-12% of the cost of building a crypto exchange from scratch. So the investment for this business is very low.

Choosing the right clone script plays a vital role in both the cost and quality of your crypto exchange platform. If you buy these exchange scripts from leading crypto exchange script providers like CoinQueens then it will be worth your money. Because they have 100+ blockchain experts and have completed 50+ projects all over the world with top-notch quality at affordable prices of around only 10k dollars.

The important thing is that they are giving free demos instantly for the LocalBitcoins clone script. If you need a demo for analysis then simply contact them through WhatsApp or Telegram and just ask “I NEED LOCALBITCOINS CLONE SCRIPT DEMO” then they will respond immediately. I will give the link below for your contact and make use of it.

Furthermore, if you need to know about the top crypto exchange providers in the market then I will give the special blog link which was written by a blockchain expert, after deep analyses they’ve segregated the top crypto providers so click the link to know more>> Top 10 White-Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script/Software Providers.

So, these are the few reasons to start a crypto exchange business like Localbitcoins. If you are an entrepreneur planning to start a crypto-related business then just start a crypto exchange business like LocalBitcoins by which you can attain financial freedom.

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