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How to self-host Forem in containers in 2023?

Hi all,

I am a newbie to Forem and want to start a community. Before I get my hands wet, I want to figure out how to setup Forem in a way that's hosting agnostic, i.e., I want to be able to move Forem from one hosting to another with ease.

As a hosting standard, almost everything is hosted in Containers directly or Kubernetes, I am trying to figure out how to self host Forem in container or preferably Kubernetes.
I have read that the is running in production in Containers and that's awesome but I couldn't find any references for the setup.

Another thing I found that there are Forem development container images and docker-compose.yaml for development purposes which can be used as a base for production setup but there are few questions.

  1. Is there any release / production docker images for Forem?
  2. Are there any pitfalls in using docker-compose.yaml for development?
  3. Is there anyone who is hosting Forem in containers in production and can share their config?

Thanks for help.

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