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Discussion on: Adding SAML SSO to forem

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Sam Bauch Author

Thanks Ben! While we love the idea of integrating into other open source services, I can admit that it's not a great solution to ask your OSS users to go deploy another service in order to get a feature like this.

Ultimately most of the functionality comes from a Ruby gem, and there should be a path where you can consume that gem, create some tables, and mount the rack apps from your rails app to build Osso into forem proper. We haven't really tried or documented that, but it's certainly feasible. Then you could make use of our react package to build the Admin configuration functionality, generate documentation, etc.

I think the hardest I'm willing to sell this here is that implementing SAML is not fun, your team would rather work on other stuff, and you're better off not having a great understanding of this all and letting Osso worry about it 😉

But at the end of the day this was a fun little project, so thanks for making forem available to hack on!