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Language variable on front-matter

Hello everyone,

I have found some discussions about supporting other languages on Forem/ As a main portuguese author I'm very interested on how the development of these features are going and maybe help (If my technical skills are enough).

I've found this post about setting language for a post (and that this is auto-detected now) and this discussion about i18n and what the platform will support next. Please update me if theres news I could't find.

I know that with Forem there must be a lot of requests going on, but as is the best alternative to some paywall platform for devs right now, would be really cool to see some features about setting up which languages I wanna see posts and in which one I'm writing in.

So my suggestion is a new optional variable language on the front-matter to help the application to set and filter posts on some language. Maybe a new field in profile for main language of writing would help too.

In the future would be good to be able to write the same post in many languages and don't get anything repeated on profile. In a really long shot, the series feature of grouping posts is a really cool example on how we can relate posts to one another, so this would be another way to do this. Would be great to have a selector to "see this post in " and also a "see posts in " on someones profile.

Thanks for considering. Excited to see whats coming!

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