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Web3 fellowship

Aya Web-3 fellowship was in two stages;
i)The Foundational stage that came to an end at the end of the year 2022,
ii) the Core Training Stage.

I didn’t know what the core-training stage meant until I was fully into it. As a front-end developer, learning Solidity and backend became part of my core training. I remember our instructor emphasized learning all these tracks to be well integrated into a team.

He further intensified this by giving us tasks on them. In one of the tasks, I made a social media image website. Take a look at it

We did another task building a simple app with React and Redux-toolkit

The PACE workshops were so educative, insightful and entertaining. Learning about Clients' needs and software requirements is a must for everyone in the tech space. It is not just about building products but building products that are meeting your client’s needs.

Combining the aforementioned with the project was very unrealistic at first. I remember laughing so hard in my team’s first meeting when I saw the Product Requirement document. I thought of who would be building all these requirements mentioned in the document.

Well…….., the building is becoming a reality as we are gradually approaching the finishing line.
All thanks to the great pod members I have, so dedicated and hardworking, Our instructor(very patient, diligent and dedicated) and most importantly Aya (Techstars '23) for providing the platform to learn and rub minds with great intellectuals.

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