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Discussion on: self-host on cloud other than gcp,aws,digitalocean

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Balkrishna Pandey

@jamie It is feasible to share the Kubernetes code base. Please let me know if you wish to opensource it or even publish in selfhost repo. We can create a helm chart or a kustomization template, this will allow others, including myself, to contribute to the project.

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Jamie Gaskins

Sorry, I thought I'd responded to this but it looks like I forgot to hit send. I think it'd be awesome to publish it, but it probably won't make it into any of the Forem-owned repos. Last I heard Kubernetes wasn't one of the platforms we'll be offering first-class support for. And that makes sense, since Kubernetes isn't many people's first choice for self-hosting their personal projects.

So if I do publish it, it'll probably be on my own GitHub account.