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Phone forensic in Malaysia

OGIT Forensics" offers full cyber crime forensic services in Malaysia, knowing how hard it can be to do investigations online. Live forensics is what our team does best. This means that they get data from systems that are still running and changing all the time, so no important data is lost. This method works in real time and is very useful for keeping up with threats and bad things happening right now.

Our photo detective services check and look at digital pictures for changes and to make sure that the evidence we see is correct. On investigations and in court cases where proof needs to be seen, this is very important.

It is best to get data from different phones and study it with OGIT Forensics when it comes to mobile phone forensics. Get back lost texts, call logs, and app data with our help. This will give you a full picture of the suspect's digital trail. Today, phones are the main way people talk to each other and keep data. This service is very important.

You can also count on us to be great at malware research. The people on our team look for, study, and fix software-related problems here. By figuring out how malware works and where it comes from, we help groups make their protection stronger and stop new threats.

For a lot of different types of online crimes, our digital forensic experts use new, cutting edge tools and methods. Because they are experts in their fields and know how to look into things, they make sure that the results are full and correct.

On top of that, our security intelligence services give you useful information you can use to stay safe online before they happen. We look at trends and possible weak spots to help our clients stay ahead of hackers.

To keep the digital world of Malaysia safe and fair, OGIT Forensics is dedicated to offering the best forensic services.

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