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Nurturing Safer Forems

In building safer Forem communities, imbibing a clear, detailed Code of Conduct (CoC) is just the beginning.

Forems include a robust set of moderation tools that empower Forem moderators to collectively curate their community's content, reduce the visibility of low-quality posts or comments, and take action against repeated or flagrant CoC violations. Some moderator actions include:

  • Thumbs-up (👍): marks content as higher quality, thereby increasing its feed visibility.
  • Thumbs-down (👎): marks content as lower quality, thereby reducing its feed visibility.
  • Flag To Admins (🤢): alerts Forem administrators to content that violates the CoC so they can take action.
  • Flag User: flags all the content of an account considered particularly harmful.

Moderators can use these actions from either the Mod Actions Panel (accessible within a post), or the Mod Center which lists all recent articles in an inbox format.

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