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New sidebar stories feature for smaller Forems now merged


Forem Following System

Following is also required to chat, which is essential

Getting Forem running on Apple Silicon

Very helpful Josh! Just out of interest, do the native apps j...

More sidebar campaign generalisation please

Submitted a PR for this Gener...

Can we get a default social image for /pod and /events?


The Elastic Guru. A new Forem to help get anyone get a seat at the AWS table.

I'd like to but there are too many dependencies, easier on He...

Love the new UI everyone!

Just a note on the pre-auth, community description element ab...

FlowState. A new fitness, health and wellbeing Forem

Hey there Joshua, you don't need to be technical but you do n...

Pusher Key in FSS

Thanks Fernando!

Why can't I create my Forem account

I think I originally did this by looking at the roles in the ...

Changelog: Admin Updates, API Improvements, Accessibility Fixes and more!

Agree, they are great!

Forem + AWS LightSail Containers

I like the sound of that!

Forem Changelog

I had no idea that I needed this so much 😍 thank you!!

Forem Progress and expectations for the rest of the year and into 2021

Thanks for the update! Very exciting!!

Wow. Forem is Amazing.

Yes but only because I started early

Wow. Forem is Amazing.

Wowzers 😎. Plus the new iOS template 😎😎😎😎

Custom reactions

Great idea!

Attach images to listings


Congrats to on being the latest Forem to go live!


Declutter The Sidebar

Ooo great! Do you import something to set all that up? Like i...

Declutter The Sidebar

Hey Pawel, do you mock these up in Figma?

Community activity box?

I think what would be useful in the feed is to create an arti...

Community activity box?

I think keep the feed for valuable content. Let’s utilise the...

The Forem extension is available in the Chrome store


feed_strategy: Coming soon to a forem near you.

I am live with this now :D

Declutter The Sidebar

I cant wait for this!

Request: ability to set up "notification sequences"

Would love to see this implemented Peter.

Changelog: Sign in with Facebook

Hey Josh! Thanks so much for doing this. 4 community members ...

feed_strategy: Coming soon to a forem near you.

Brilliant 😻

Request: optional "database" feature

Also this is what i was referring to with this πŸ‘‡πŸΌ doable toda...

Request: optional "database" feature

Hey there do you have your scotch community online?

Request: optional "database" feature

I would love this. I have so many use cases for it!

Implementing Video Feature

It was on upload. Great I'll give those allowed headers a sho...

How not to grow

I should have known better. I have built apps that request Tw...

Initial Config Issues

I like the domain name! Sounds like you might be missing a lo...

Implementing Video Feature

Hey Chris. How did you get past the CORS issue? Did you need ...

A gallery for campaigns, announcements and article footers

Also, a gallery for badges! Maybe for the base level once lik...

The path from DEV to Forem

This is a massively interesting subject. I remember at the ba...

"I'm stuck" β€” should this be a #help thread or a GitHub issue?

Anyone feeling unsure about posting issues on GitHub should s...

What does it take to create a strong password?

I like the idea of guard rails and maybe enforcing the length...

Forem visual customization

Ooo I have gone all grey on mine 😎

local Forem Instance to Production level Instance in Heroku or VPS

Do you want to drop some of the errors / issues you are facin...

Can the hero banner campaign be displayed on article views?

Thanks for the reply Pawel. Yeah I totally get you. I was thi...

Polls inside posts

Well look at that!

How useful is the home sidebar to you?

I agree, I love the idea of doing more with it

Declutter The Sidebar

Love this Pawel!

Explore Poxa as an open Pusher implementation?

3 all the way 😎

Should 'write a post' be more visible on mobile view?

Great! Yeah I’d say for TMMAL mobile is primary πŸ€”

How to properly enable multiple call-to-action buttons in nav bar...

If i can get this for article, video, listing and organisatio...

How to properly enable multiple call-to-action buttons in nav bar...

Very nice!

How to properly enable multiple call-to-action buttons in nav bar...

Hey Ben can you share the basic html used in the banner?

How to properly enable multiple call-to-action buttons in nav bar...

This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

How about voting?

I definitely like the idea of voting!

Moving from ENV to database-backed config

Very nice! I saw that today with Stripe config and that it wa...

What are we missing?

Mega interesting. One of the first questions someone asked me...

I just delivered my first Forem badge. Working great!


Implementing Video Feature

Hey Ben, would you recommend implementing this until an updat...

The start of building a better system


The start of building a better system

Thanks Joe, it sounds amazing actually. Do you have a timelin...

The start of building a better system

Hey Joe. Is this available to deploy to AWS now?

Implementing Video Feature

Thanks for sharing this. Really appreciated

I just delivered my first Forem badge. Working great!

Actually I am working on digital badges for belts in jiu-jits...

How to get Forem to run on ARM


Is Forem planning to become something like WordPress?

β€œWhole magoo” is all I got from this πŸ€“

Test comment liquid tag


One cool thing about private forems.

I really like the invitation ethos. I'd be happy with the soc...

Changelog: Admins Can Delete Comments


Allowing Nav Links to be Defined by SiteConfig πŸ€”


Changes made to forem browser extension.

Working great for me in Chrome! Planning to support Firefox?

Will Forem be getting badges like Dev?

Can you provide more info on the automated element of this? I...

Do we require social registration to prevent abuse?

Do you think the β€˜request an invite’ option helps in this sce...

My customization problem

Looking forward to this! 😎

Is the browser extension working for anyone?

I tried. Followed instructions to install the extension from ...

We can run Forem without the Lambda dependency

Hey Ben, reading the commit, I am okay to leave Lambda in pla...

Forem Page Use Cases


What are we missing?

Ah great, looks like from recent comments, this in progress!

What are we missing?

What wait the cover images support mp4? πŸ˜ƒ

What are we missing?

The big 4 growth accelerators, in the following order: Authe...

Ideas for supporting podcasts on Forem?

Hi Gracie > "What features would make your distribution AN...

Welcome thread v0

Hi from the world of MMA 🌱 + πŸ₯‹ = πŸ”₯

Has anyone used the browser extension?

I am going to give this a whirl tomorrow πŸ€“

A big day for Forem Systems

Ooo great so we will be getting documentation on how to spin ...

A big day for Forem Systems

Holy smokes! I was wondering how this would all play out, so ...

What should Forem use for documentation?

that's a really good point....!

Hello World!

Hey !

What should Forem use for documentation?

That is a really good question. If you consider that many For...

The exciting challenges for Forem on mobile

This sounds great Fernando! A couple of things I would love t...

Let's do this

Best cover image ever

The start of building a better system

Brilliant. Lot’s to learn just from this one post 😎