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Steve McQueen’s Legacy in Web 3: A Special NFT Collection

Steve McQueen, known as the "king of cool," is entering the Web3 market and has a lifelong love of motorcycles. The unveiling of a special NFT collection on July 14 will honour his constant spirit.

The McQueen Estate, Web3 talent agency Verified Labs, modern artist Michael Kalish, Triumph Motorcycles, and Web3 animation company Immersive Entertainment Laboratories (IEL) are all partners in this project.

In order to honour the legendary actor, the collection consists of 1,000 creative art collectibles with distinctive rarity qualities. The marketplace for these digitally immersive objects is the ThetaDrop platform, which is a component of the Theta network.

Chase, McQueen's grandson, assisted artist Michael Kalish in creating an original portrait of the actor in 2022, which helped as the inspiration for this project.

The "King of Cool Steve McQueen’s Racing Team" NFTs

Beyond just a digital asset, this premium "King of Cool Racing Team" collection provides more. To access their unique, virtual Triumph Bonneville T100 motorbike, each NFT collector receives a digital motorbike shipping carton.

Owners secure their King of Cool Racing Team membership when they pry open the container. This membership provides access to upcoming token-gated games, events, and content.

Each collectable also comes with an intricate 3D image of Steve McQueen in addition to the virtual motorcycle. A virtual reality headset can be used to investigate this digital work of art in greater detail.

The Legacy Continues: McQueen’s Authority

In addition to being well-known for his roles in movies like "The Cincinnati Kid" and "The Towering Inferno," McQueen loved riding motorcycles. In off-road contests like the Baja 1000 and the Elsinore Grand Prix, McQueen was a powerful competitor.

He also represented the United States in the 1964 International Six Days Trial (ISDT), showcasing his spirit of competition and professional knowledge.

Americana, a concept that McQueen strongly inspired throughout his career, is said to have had a huge influence on artist and project collaborator Michael Kalish's work.

The chance to work with the McQueen family, he continued, "has been a beautiful concentration of my artistic desire and who Steve McQueen was to all of us on the big screen. Our shared passion for automobiles, motorbikes, families, and American icons is very clear.

Legends in Web3

Following the passing of other notable figures from the past, Steve McQueen has joined the blockchain. A fascinating shift in the ongoing legacy of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee occurred last April.

The partnership between his estate and Shibuya led to the development of Bruce Lee NFTs. This endeavour highlights the potential of the Web3 era by showing how iconic individuals are reincarnated on the blockchain through NFTs.


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