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RocketGraph 🧑‍🚀 : Serverless backend for your web apps 🚀 (OPEN-SOURCE)


With Rocketgraph you can get a full blown web application with database, serverless functions and a GraphQl API in minutes. Not to mention also the SDKs to get you started on the front-end as well.

Rocketgraph provides the following functionality:

  1. Authentication: This is a system that almost every web application needs these days. Having to rewrite that every time is a pain. Auth0 is great but is also expensive and has a vendor lock-in. Paying just for authentication? Rocketgraph comes with email/password, social and magic link authetication
  2. Authorization: You can configure granular level authorization rules on your rows via the Hasura console.
  3. Postgres setup
  4. Realtime: Making it real-time will leave you no option except Firebase. Others are slightly a hassle. With Rocketgraph you get real-time subscriptions right out of the box on your favorite and most trusted Postgres DB.
  5. Automated Deployment: Rocketgraph provides automated deployments from github to lambda
  6. SSL

Rocketgraph solves all of these problems and many more. To put it simply its a complete back-end provided to you. All you have to do is create additional pages for your app. All the user information is accessible across your app and your back-end deployments are also handled automatically. It's like Vercel but for back-end. Check out the features

Rocketgraph features

Yup! Recently I changed the game with serverless functions and automated deployments via Github. Every push you make to master is compiled and converted to an AWS Lambda. You can write your code in express node and hook it up to Lambda using their express-serverless library. You can check out the example lambda here which is a simple calculator app.

For example your code for authenticating users is like follows

Rocketgraph Auth

You will have a Hasura console to manage authorization based on the permissions encoded in JWT token(also handled by Rocketgraph)

Rocketgraph Hasura Graphql console

Here you can setup Row based permissions, webhook integrations(Any change to DB triggers this), modify your Postgres DB(Also provided by Rocketgraph) etc.

And its open-source

So I have basically isolated all the common pain points in getting started with web development and made it so smooth to get you started with your web apps. This can generate an actual production grade web app and all you have to do is create pages based on which client you are working for. Rocketgraph with take care of the rest.

Check it out in action here:

The interface is old, now I have migrated the app to Next.js so don't worry about that. But you get the point.

After 13 months of building in silence, Rocketgraph is out for private alpha.

Check it out at

DM me here:
what you think, and I would be happy to provide you free credits on my platform and may be even a cashback($2-$3) for using it.

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