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Is there an opportunity for a Substack + hybrid? lets you reach a large audience instantly. But you don't control your audience and brand. 80% of the benefits go to 20% to you.

Substack lets you control your audience and your brand. But you have to slowly build your own audience. However, 80% of the benefits go to you. 20% to Substack.

Is there an opportunity to build a hybrid?

You get your own website (via a subdomain or your own domain name). Then the product aggregates articles, creates nice category pages, and helps you find audiences.

It's not very thought out yet. But right now, you can only choose the audience (, or choose brand/control (Substack or your own blog)

If a or Substack employee is interested in this concept, please reach out! I'm thinking of building this hybrid myself or I can join your company to do it.

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