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Motorized Curtains

Thank you for coming to Imperial Collection. It is the best place in Dubai to buy high-quality curtains and blinds. We want your living rooms to look better, which is why we offer such a lovely range of window curtains and floors. Because we sell so many things, like linen Curtains and blinds in dubai, roller blinds, made-to-measure blinds, and a lot of different carpets and rugs, every room in your house will look beautiful and classy.

Blinds made of linen

These linen curtains are both stylish and soft. Because they are made from the best linen, these curtains have a natural, airy feel that works well in Dubai. They make your rooms feel a little fancier and give you a lot of control over light and privacy.

Roll-up blinds

With our roller blinds, your room will look sleek and up-to-date. You can get these blinds in a lot of different fabrics, colors, and styles. They look nice and are very useful. They work well to block sunlight and make spaces more private, so you can use them in both homes and businesses.

Made-to-measure blinds

When you come to Imperial Collection, we know that every window is unique. With our made-to-measure blinds, the style and size of the window are used to make them just right for you. No matter if you like the classic look of wood blinds or the current look of cloth blinds, we have something for you.

Rugs and area rugs

Your window treatments will look great with our lovely rugs and mats. You can choose from soft floor mats to high-end leather rugs to make your home look better. Our mats are meant to make your floors feel good and give your rooms a bit of style.

Service for painting villas

Imperial Collection has a huge range of floors, blinds, and curtains. On top of that, they can paint houses professionally. Our skilled painters will do everything they can to make sure you get the best results and that your home looks brand new and warm.

Here at Imperial Collection, we're proud of the good quality and great service we offer. Our Dubai store has everything we sell. Come see us there to learn how we can help you build your dream home.

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