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What "superpowers" does a user get when joining a Forem community?

Im currently working on the FAQ page for my soon to be launched Forem community and am putting together a list of "superpowers" a new user is granted when joining a Forem. Here is what I have so far, would love for you to add anything I missed:

Forem User Superpowers:

  • Listen to all the best podcasts directly from one location
  • Follow tags to keep up with specific post categories you're interested in
  • Create a nicely organized series of posts
  • Customize your user profile
  • Get insights about your posts using the analytics dashboard
  • Create/join organizations
  • Save posts in your own "reading list"
  • Set your own custom theme for website
  • Customize notifications to fit your own needs
  • Tag/mention users in your own posts
  • View user details with profile preview cards
  • Powerful search features
  • Join live group chats (Forem Connect)
  • Recieve unqiue badge rewards for being a helpful member
  • Comment using gifs (Forem supports gifs)
  • Forem browser extension
  • Forem mobile app

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Great list @ildi ! This really helps us see the user experience from a new perspective, so thank you for suggesting it!

Additionally, users can:

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Thank you for adding these @ellativity I did not know about the canonical URL feature, very cool!

You also made me realize that there is a lot of good stuff inside the "Editor Guide" which I think users will find useful.

I'm curious about the format of the exported content when a user makes a request. I'll have to make one myself just to see what that looks like. I know the export is sent to users via email and can be requested from profile settings under the "account" tab.