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Problem with "More..." link in navigation menu

Before making this post I tried to see if it was mentioned on here or inside Github repo known issues. Was unable to find it:

Describe the bug

When you visit a Forem community you can click the "More..." link in the navigation menu and it will open and reveal the rest of the links in the menu. However if you visit the website and click another link first, clicking "More..." in the navigation menu no longer works. Clicking the Forem logo to go to the home page does not fix the issue. You must refresh your browser/window in order for it to work.

To Reproduce

  1. Go to
  2. Click on any post
  3. Go back to home page by clicking back or Forem logo
  4. Click "More..." link in main navigation links menu
  5. The link will not work as it should

Expected behavior

The "More..." link should always work without having to refresh the entire website.

Alt Text

Reproduced issue on Windows 10 with latest version of Chrome + Brave browser.

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Christina Gorton

Hey thanks. This is a known issue I thought was recently fixed but I can also reproduce it and I'll let the team know it is still an issue.

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Awesome, thank you Christina!