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Forem new follower notifications

At the moment, when a new user follows you, Forem only sends an email notification about it. If you do not look at your email and instead navigate to Forem website first, you will not have any indication that a new user has followed you. Also in order to chat with someone via Forem Connect feature, both users have to be following eachother.

I am thinking that maybe "follower notifcations" should also appear on the website notifications page? At the moment this page has 3 sections: all, comments, and posts. Maybe we could add a fourth and call it "followers"?

Alternatively we could also add something to indicate who your new followers are on the Dashboard > Followers page but I am not sure that is the best solution.

I am not sure if this has been discussed before but I would like to know what others think about it.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

I get notifications about new followers on all my Forem account Notifications pages πŸ€” Are you not seeing them on yours, or are you requesting that they can be accessed in a separate section rather than only viewed mixed into the rest of the Notifications feed?

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Very weird indeed. I just noticed that on I can see new follower notifications. This is the first time I've seen these. Are multiple follower notifications somehow being consolidated into a single notification? (example screenshot below): new follower notifications screenshot

On my personal Forem (which is currently private) I had two friends join the other day, and when they followed my profile, I only got an email notification, nothing in the notifications page. This is the main reason I made the request, assuming new follower notifications were being sent via email only.

I do not mind if the notifications are mixed into the rest of the Notifications feed although I wouldn't mind hearing opinions about having a seperate section dedicated to new followers.

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