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Ido Shamun
Ido Shamun

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Get unique reactions from Forem's API


I'm looking at the Forem's API specifically for building a integration. I noticed that the article object has two fields related to two reactions: positive_reactions_count and public_reactions_count. I'm not sure what's the difference between the two, but I'm looking for another metric: the unique number of users who reacted to the article. I want to estimate the popularity of a given article, and total reactions can be tricky because one user can react multiple times.

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Christina Gorton

I have an answer for the first part of your question here:
positive_reactions_count is an alias for article.public_reactions_count. So they’re actually the same thing.
You can see the PR where this was changed and why it was aliased instead of removed completey.

Rename positive_reactions_count to public_reactions_count in logic #7926

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This moves the functionality from positive_reactions_count to public_reactions_count. All changes are simply renaming positive to public.

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" I'm looking for another metric: the unique number of users who reacted to the article."

I am talking to our product team about this part of your question and will let you know when I hear back from them πŸ˜ƒ

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Ido Shamun

That's great I thought it's just an alias but it's good to have it checked :)
Waiting for your answer. Thanks a lot πŸ™

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Christina Gorton

Hey @idoshamun thanks for the question! I am asking internally for a more information on these fields and will try to get a more specific answer back to you soon.